New Product Launch

New Product Launch

  • Trademark application
  • Product packaging design
  • Market analysis
  • Pricing strategy
  • Digital marketing
  • Web presence
  • Logistics arrangement
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Selling on Amazon and eBay

  • Consulting team with years of experience in the top two online marketplaces
  • Nurtured partner business growth into Amazon top 2% seller with $15 million in sales
  • Top-notch software system to automate sales and operation
  • Advanced reporting and analysis system to enhance performance
Selling on Amazon & eBay
E-commerce Software
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E-commerce Software

  • E-commerce operation management
  • Supply chain EDI integration
  • Online product listing management
  • Inventory management and purchasing solution
  • Sales order fulfillment and shipping integration
  • Sales analysis and business intelligence tools
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Startup Incubation

  • Strategic Planning
  • Sales & Business Development
  • Web Presence
  • Digital marketing
  • Software Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Customer Service
  • Office & Warehouse Space
Startup Incubation
Business Administration
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Business Administration

  • Business registration
  • Banking service
  • Legal assistance
  • Accounting & tax services
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3rd Party Logistics

  • Inventory storage
  • Fulfillment service
  • Online access to real-time information
  • Import process
  • Customer service
  • Customer return handling
3rd Party Logistics
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